What is Loudpedal.tv?

Loudpedal.TV is the official home of USAC Racing on-demand content. We cover 140+ races that include the National Sprint Car, National Midget, Silver Crown, and West Coast series. We are post-race on-demand only, and do not offer live streaming.

How do I cancel or change my subscription?

To cancel or change subscription, please contact support@loudpedal.tv

More about Loudpedal Productions.

There will still be tons of FREE content that Loudpedal Productions will be providing via YouTube and Facebook. Loudpedal.tv will be a way for us to provide above and beyond what we’ve been able to release previously. Expect longer compilations, featurettes, mini-docs, and more!

How are videos organized on Loudpedal.tv and how often are they posted?

Videos on Loudpedal.tv are organized into 3 “channels”:

  1. USAC National
  2. USAC West Coast
  3. USAC Classic

On the USAC National channel, users can find all Silver Crown, National Sprint Car, and National Midget content.

On the West Coast channel, users can find all USAC/CRA, USAC West Coast 360, USAC Southwest, and Western Midget Content.

On the USAC Classic channel, users can find all classic content. We’ve been tearing through a huge archive here at the USAC offices, and we are so excited to release hours of never before seen classic content.

Current races are posted the day after the race. Each race includes qualifying highlights, heat races, and all main events. Specialty clips will also be shared from each race. Right now, we’re featuring a classic video every Thursday. In car video, slomo vignettes, crashes, interviews, and more will be uploaded each and every week!

How do I find a particular video?

Videos are categorized by series and date. Use the “Search” bar located on the right side of the home page to search for a particular track, driver, or date. Channel pages can be sorted Date, Title, and Views. Need help finding something? Use the “Contact Us” form in the navigation bar.

Can I use Loudpedal.tv on my phone?

Loudpedal.tv is fully optimized for mobile. You can manage your account and view all content from your Android or iOS device. This includes all tablets and cellular devices. If you have any issues feel free to “Contact Us” up in the navigation bar.

Forgot password?

If password is forgotten, use the following link: Password reset

for further support contact support@loudpedal.tv

Do I need a subscription to view all of the video on the site?

At this time, all content on Loudpedal.tv requires either a Monthly or Yearly subscription. Loudpedal Productions still produces plenty of free content on our Youtube page, our Facebook page, and USAC Racing’s Official Facebook Page.

What series does Loudpedal.tv cover?

Loudpedal.tv and Loudpedal Productions covers nearly all USAC racing from Coast to Coast. We’ll also have specialty content from other series throughout the year. We’re always looking for potential shooters. Use the “Contact Us” form in the navigation bar for inquiries.

Does Loudpedal.tv support Roku, Amazon Fire TV, A or Chromecast?

As of now Loudpedal.tv works on mobile, tablet, PC, iOS, and Chromecast. Roku support is coming soon, but is not available at this time. We do not support Amazon Fire TV at this time.

What if I have any other questions?

Any and all questions can be asked via our Contact Form. We look forward to hearing from you!